Community Emergency Plan


The parish council recently invited comments on a revised Community Emergency Plan for the village.  No comments were forthcoming, and the plan was formally approved at the parish council meeting on 4 December.  A copy can be viewed under Parish Council Documents on this website, and residents are strongly encouraged to familiarise themselves with the plan so they know who to contact.

In order that the plan can be activated as effectively as possible when necessary, we urgently need volunteers to register any specialist skills that might be of value in an emergency of the kind envisaged (eg first aid and medical skills, tree felling, structural engineering, etc) and/or physical assets, such as hoists, chainsaws, 4 x 4 vehicles, etc).  We appreciate that some residents may have registered such skills or assets some time ago, but we are making a fresh appeal so we can ensure our records are as up to date as possible.

If you have such skills and/or assets, please register them by contacting Cllr Mike Saunders  or 01451 821765