Updates on the defibrillator in BT telephone kiosk

Please note the Parish Council owns and is responsible for the old telephone kiosk and the defibrillator.  This includes the upkeep and maintenance of both.  If you notice a maintenance issue please inform the clerk at clerk@greatrissingtonpc.org.uk – thank you for your help.

(CANCELLED DUE to CORONAVIRUS) PUBLIC TRAINING – A provisional date for Friday 27th March at 18:30 hrs, Great Rissington Club either upstairs (dependant on numbers of attendees) or downstairs in main hall.

December 19 Project complete – We are pleased to confirm that the defibrillator has now been installed.  The Clerk will arrange and notify the public of a future training event to take place for the use of the defibrillator.

Update 19/11/19 –  Cllr Cleverly confirmed that he has arranged for a back board to be fitted inside the kiosk ready for the defibrillator to be fixed to.  We are now awaiting for the electrician to attend and install the defibrillator which should be very soon.  Once it has been installed the PC will arrange for some public training which came as part of the purchase and further details for this will be posted.

Update 4/10/19 –  Cllr Cleverly met SSE on site to discuss the reconnection works. It was agreed that in the first instance prior to works taking place, a back plate was required to be fitted in the kiosk for the SSE connection to be fitted to.  This will need to be in place by 16th October prior to SSE works commencing.  It was agreed at the PC meeting held 1st October for this to be organised and completed via Richard.

Update 11/09/19 –  Hopeful news!  SSE has booked a meeting on site with a member of the PC on 25th September to discuss the power supply reconnection, with a view to doing the ground works on the 16th October and the joining of supply on the 17th October.  If all goes well the PC can then request their electrician to fit the defibrillator soon after these dates depending on his work loads.

Update 28/9/19 – The project has been listed on the agenda for the next PC meeting (3/9/19).  The Clerk will request a payment from the Councillors in order to proceed with the reconnection of the electric supply.  As soon as this has been granted SSE will be instructed immediately to reconnect the power supply from the nearest lamp post at which point the Council’s elected electrician can begin to install the defibrillator.  The Councillors would like to thank you for your patience through this complicated project.

Update – 2/7/19 – The project has been delayed due to the electric supply having previously been disconnected from the telephone kiosk.  Both BT and SSE are both denying responsibility and the PC are endeavouring to get the main supply back to the kiosk so that installation of the defibrillator can take place.  The PC will continue to pursue the matter so that the project can be completed.  Any queries should be directed to the Parish Clerk at the following email address: greatrissiparish@gmail.com

The Parish Council, with the support of CDC, has acquired a second defibrillator for the village. The first, purchased by the PC several years ago, is located at the Club.

Residents have frequently asked or one to be located nearer to the centre of the village, and we are delighted to announce that the location for the new defibrillator will be inside the ex telephone box – just as soon as it is renovated.