Update – 2/7/19 – The project has been delayed due to the electric supply having previously been disconnected from the telephone kiosk.  Both BT and SSE are both denying responsibility and the PC are endeavouring to get the main supply back to the kiosk so that installation of the defibrillator can take place.  The PC will continue to pursue the matter so that the project can be completed.  Any queries should be directed to the Parish Clerk at the following email address:

The Parish Council, with the support of CDC, has acquired a second defibrillator for the village. The first, purchased by the PC several years ago, is located at the Club.

Residents have frequently asked or one to be located nearer to the centre of the village, and we are delighted to announce that the location for the new defibrillator will be inside the ex telephone box – just as soon as it is renovated.

The PC owns the telephone box, but the maintenance of it is handled by the village charity. Clive Billing has been raising funds for the renovation via the charity, and the work is scheduled to complete very soon. In the meantime, the defibrillator is being held at The Malt House. Emergency contact is 824193.