The Parish Council has received several complaints about cars and vans being parked on the corner just past the bus shelter below The Lamb Inn. Unfortunately, there was an accident at this spot a few weeks ago. Residents are reminded of the need to park considerably and sensibly and to avoid leaving cars and vans in positions that could reduce sight-lines and cause danger. Steps are being taken to refresh the white lines which denote this particular corner as being a potential hazard when cars and vans are left there. Police are paying passing attention to the situation in the course of their patrols.

Cars and vans are also occasionally left parked further down the the hill, between the corner below The Lamb Inn and Rectory Lane, and between Greens Close and the corner by Home Farm, forcing pedestrians into the roadway and sometimes causing obstruction to buses and lorries passing through the village. Please be careful and considerate of others when parking.

Thank you.